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Carpet Cleaning &
Floor Care

Caring For Your Carpet

What is the best way to take care of carpets? The average house should be vacuumed two times a week. Done correctly, this will remove your carpet of about 83% of dry soil.

Professional cleaning by a IICRC certified technician from Show Me Dust Bunnies will extend the life of your carpet if you have it done at least once a year. Manufactures are going to recommend professional steam cleaning because it penetrates deep into the carpet fibers and lifts dirt, kills bacteria, and gets rid of other pollutants. This method also removes most of the moisture, so carpets dry fast. Carpeted flooring is mostly chosen for cosmetic reasons but this is the largest filter for the air in your home and will trap contaminants until extracted later.
Approved to perform quality carpet cleaning for Balfour Beatty on base, you can be sure the best care for your flooring needs. Professional cleaning service to also include: tile, grout, marble, stone care and concrete. Read our TERMS & CONDITIONS


Caring For Your Tile & Grout

Stone and tile add beauty to your home but over time the porous surfaces of the grout or tile harbor harmful bacteria and debris. Professional cleaning from an IICRC certified technician will remove the most build up as possible and sealing will prevent pores from gathering residues again.

Variety of Surfaces Serviced:

    • ​Ceramic
    • ​Granite​
    • ​Porcelain​
    • Slate
    • ​Saltillo
    • ​Travertine
    • ​Concrete

Services* Offered:

  • ​Clean & Sanitize Tile, Grout or Stone
  • ​Seal & Protect
  • ​Grout Color Restoration
  • Clean & Seal Natural Stone
  • Stone Polishing
  • Granite Renewal

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